Principal Message

Don’t know whether world is changing or we are changing our self but change is the law of nature. In this running life and fast moving world it is necessary to move along with or side by side of changing world otherwise we all will set back and will have the sorrow face. Meanwhile knowledge is the power, to attain our ultimate goal in our life we all must update our knowledge without laziness and hesitation. This is very much important to face the different challenges in our life, all challenges will be overcome If we have the knowledge and skills and attitude towards optimistic thinking. Creating class one professionals with ultimate knowledge, proper skills, moral and values are of paramount. Education is only the remedy to overcome any difficulty and challenges in our life. Education towards service is our ultimate goal of nursing. Offering service to the mankind with a humanity is the key success to lead our and others life. We all together harmoniously set ourselves to educate ourselves and to others to bring the changes in our life. Lastly we shall assure your academic, social, spiritual and service growth.

Wishing you all the very best.

Prof. Dr. Ananda Kudari