Nursing college library started humbly in a small room in the Gavimath campus in the year 2020. Since its beginning, it has grown briskly into a vast databank of knowledge with a well-furnished information centre stored within it. presently it stands on the second floor of hospital building with books and other information materials serving to the needs of nursing faculties & students. It offers a cool, noiseless and welcoming atmosphere. The Library is kept open every day. It furnished with dedicated computers for Library users, the Library is growing every year by updating and adding new books, journals & other materials in nursing sciences. It subscribes to national and international journals in nursing sciences to provide the academic & clinical knowledge of the latest research findings.

The objectives of the nursing Library are:
• To create the infrastructure necessary to offer services to the satisfaction of library users.
• To advance gathering of study material useful for nursing students and faculties.
• To develop a widespread and up to date collection of information resources required for teaching-learning, and research in nursing sciences.
• To support research activity for its progress and qualitative development
• To provide full information support to the teaching-learning process in the college
• To deploy the cutting-edge information and communication technology that would permit users to access information resources from their workplaces.
• To develop a team of motivated and well – trained staff.

Timings & Holidays
Monday to Saturday
09.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.

The Library remains closed on the Sundays and public holidays

Staff Member
A well-trained staff comprising of professional and semi-professional obtains the information resources required, and delivers effective service to the library users.

Advisory Committee
The operation of library is guided and directed by an advisory committee established for the purpose. The committee meets periodically to maintain discipline and quality of the library service.

The library has established an outstanding collection of books, national & international journals, and non-book constituents in nursing branch. It preserves a separate gathering of textbooks, bound volumes, reference books, reference dissertations, term papers, seminar papers and compact discs (CD).

Nursing Collection (As on March-2023)

Computer and Internet
The Information centre of the library so called digital library is furnished with 10 sophisticated computers and other accessories intended for library users. The computers linked with 100 Mbps band width Internet connectivity. This facility permits the users to access electronic resources and prepare for classes. The Information Centre works from 09 a.m. to 05 p.m.

Library Membership
Freshly joined staff members are necessary to apply for library membership by submitting a duly filled form with the necessary number of stamp size photos at the college library counter. Library membership card is issued to all the faculty and students. Borrower’s card is issued only to the teaching faculty.
In such condition, that loss of a library card, the member may request the Principal college of nursing in writing for issue of a duplicate. A fine of Rs.25/- will be charged on losing a card. A damaged card, however may be replaced if the damaged card along with a cash receipt of Rs. 20.00 obtained from the college accounts section is submitted at library’s Counter.
The library cards need to be returned to the Library for obtaining ‘No dues’.

Books Overdue
A book issued to the students should be returned on or before the due date. In case of fail to do so, a fine will be charged at Re 5.00 per day until the book is returned.

Rules Governing Computer & Internet Service
• Computer facility should not be used for recreation purpose since it is strictly provided for educational purpose

• Accessing unauthorized sites, Internet chat, social media browsing and personal use, etc. are strictly prohibited.

• Personal files should not be saved or preserved and should not be change the computer settings.

• During class hours no students are allowed to use computer

General Rules and Regulations
• Wearing or carrying of apron, jacket etc. inside the Library is not permitted. Personal belongings like bag, umbrella, file etc. are required to be deposited at the property counter at their own risk.

• Wearing jeans and T-shirt is not permitted during working hours (8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.) except on Sundays and other public holidays.

• Users must switch-off their mobile phone inside the Library or keep it in silent mode. Browsing or texting by using mobile phones is prohibited in the reading halls.

• Library books shall be properly entered at the circulation desk before being used / taken out of the stack.

• Readers are advised not to leave money and valuables at the property counter.

• Books shall be handled with care. Members are not allowed to underline, scribble or highlight on the books and other reading materials which belong to the Library.

• Personal books and other print materials are not allowed inside the stack section.

• Users are not encouraged to talk or discuss inside the Library.

• Carrying or consuming of eatables and beverages in the Library premises is prohibited.

• Library is no smoking zone.

• Playing music inside the Library is not allowed.

• Library can recall any book issued even before the due date.

• Before borrowing any material from the Library, the borrowers must ensure that the material borrowed is in good condition.