Fundamental of Nursing Lab is aimed at serving the students to obtain knowledge, and skills in technique of nursing practice. Our lab is spacious and well equipped with CPR mannequins, patient simulators, life form hand simulator, Unisex Mannequins etc. Sides of the lab are lined with 08 hospital beds holding different mannequins dressed with hospital gowns with a pillow, a blanket, cardiac table, a bedside table, a bed side locker, infusion stand and a bed screen for privacy. Teachers can use this area to demonstrate and students can practice the concerned nursing procedure in this zone. At the one side of the lab there is a seating arrangement for the students with one table and green moving board for explaining procedure before demonstration. All required articles and equipment are placed in different glass cupboards to demonstrate nursing skills. The individuality of the Lab is that it creates the atmosphere of the hospital with sophisticated teaching & learning technology. Lab is equipped with containers for the proper disposal of waste to practice waste management.
The mannequins or Dummies with mobile limbs and replaceable parts are recipients of a variety of nursing procedures like Hand washing methods, Bed making, positioning of the patients, injections and its methods, intravenous catheterization, nasogastric tube feeding, Foleys catheters for draining urine, wound care, hair care, monitoring of vital signs, various specimen collection methods, oxygenation therapy, CPR technique etc.

• To provide a suitable atmosphere for teaching and learning of basic nursing skills.
• To demonstrate basic nursing procedures for the students.
• To prepare the students to practice the proper skills to meet the needs of patients in hospital settings.
• To confirm the student’s preclinical knowledge and skills about several nursing procedures.
• To enhance students’ knowledge about basic nursing procedures.
• To develop planning and judgment in implementation of nursing care.
• To prepare students to apply the latest evidenced based nursing skills in providing health care.


The College is having a separate Community Health Nursing lab, 900 sq. ft spacious area with all the article and equipment for education and practice of the nursing students pertaining to community situation and also to acquire the basic Nursing procedures in turns be performed in community area. We are having different types of AV Aids to motivate the student nurses for the Community Health Nursing Practice. This lab confirms the students to learn home visiting using community bag technique & practice the nursing in community while providing family health care at their door step using revised home visiting kits and learn to treat the patient in homely atmosphere with less facilities.
Community Health Nursing lab enhances the student’s clinical knowledge and enlightening one. theoretical and demonstration classes on different procedures are educated to the students before performing in community setup to meet their prescribed objectives. Demonstrations in this lab makes the students learn more realistic and authentic.

• To encourage the nursing students for providing strategic and incidental health teaching to individuals & families.
• To demonstrate practical skills in execution of home nursing procedures
• To instruct the students to launch working relationship with family members in the community area.
• To impart knowledge regarding delivery of effective nursing care to allocated families by utilising community health nursing process.


The nutrition lab is designed to capacitate the student nurses to gather adequate knowledge for maintenance of optimal health at different phases of life and its application of practice in nursing. The nutrition lab is well ventilated and truly much outfitted with vital facilities and advanced equipment for the use of skills in planning of diverse therapeutic diets.
The lab is well equipped for the use of varied collection of cooking methods towards healthy life styles. The main purpose is to acquire information on nourishment for support of ideal wellbeing and its application for training of nourishment.
The Nutrition lab is well recognized with all facilities which includes gas stoves, refrigerators and microwave, kind of articles and containers for the event of skills in preparation of numerous food items are present. The lab is well enabled with adoption to Cookery rules and Conservation of nutrients, ingredients to make sure the preparation of palatable food and to work out parity of diet

• To prepare different types of therapeutic & normal diet according to principles of food preparation.
• To prepare food under safe and proper hygienic conditions.
• To use a diversity of cooking methods in the preparation of meal.
• To use nutrition knowledge to prepare meal according to individual needs.
• To calculate and analyse nutritional supply of different food preparations for diverse age group.
• To train the students in preparation of different types of diet for different disease conditions.


Providing nursing care to mother and child is a significant nursing responsibility for which nursing students are trained during their training. MCH Lab offers a learning environment to the students for developing skills before execution of procedures in the hospital. MCH Lab is divided into two sections, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Section and Paediatric Section.

Obstetrical lab
This lab provides students with an opportunity to learn and develop the skills necessary for midwifery practice within a helpful environment. During lab hours’ students are introduced clinical skills essential for safe practice in clinical posting, the students will have an opportunity to further develop these skills under supervision. Students are well trained in laboratory to provide them with enough experience in dealing with women in a different stages of pregnancy, child birth and during post-natal period. This lab is equipped with various models, mannequins/dummies, related bony models, charts, different kinds of instruments for delivery and physical examination, equipment’s for Obstetrics and gynaecological procedures.

• To provide nursing students with the nursing skills that are necessary in taking care of mother and child during the physiological or pathological conditions.
• To provide basic and advanced skills pertaining to obstetric & gynaecological nursing.
• To reinforce learning by utilizing sophisticated simulators and related resources.
• To increase preparedness of the nursing students before posting for hospital training.

Paediatric Lab
This lab is intended to learn skills pertaining to children and its related practices. The lab is fully equipped with supplies and equipment’s, including modern paediatric CPR mannequin. The lab offers students with a genuine, simulated clinical environment for rehearsal and demonstrate proficiency of selected nursing skills.

Clinical teaching and training in paediatric lab prepares students with necessary knowledge, skills needed to provide precise, safe and wide-ranging nursing care for normal child. Our paediatric lab consists of Almirah containing articles which are necessary to accomplish various nursing procedures. The nursing students acquires demonstration from their trained teachers in the lab and then get skills for execution of care in the clinical setting. The lab also consists of dummies or paediatric models on which the procedures are also demonstrated. Different types of displays, posters, growth charts, immunization schedule etc. are also exhibited. A separate division is designated to teach students about selection of playful material, toys and rattles for different age groups.

1. To provide an opportunity for learning and practicing many child health nursing procedures
2. To prepare students for handling well, sick children in a technically safe atmosphere.
3. To make the students cognizant concerning modern child care practices and guidelines.


In today’s modern and technological era, having knowledge of computer and its application is essential for the expectation of the modern health care. Computer Lab at nursing college offers students a learning atmosphere so that they can familiarize themselves with the computer applications and skills. The lab is fully air conditioned and equipped with 10 fully functional PC’s with high speed internet connection and printer facilities. One section of the lab is designated for placing Audio Visual equipment like LCD Projectors, Film strip projector, OHP etc.

• To identify various concepts used in computer and its applications.
• To describe the use of Windows and skill and technique in the use of MS Office.
• To demonstrate skill in using of multimedia and internet.
• To learn various methods of searching information in the electronic data base
• To teach students about research and statistics using computer applications
• To provide advanced audio-visual aids for instructional purposes.

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