A V Aids Exhibition

“Creativity is allowing you to make mistakes. Art is knowing which wants to keep” (Scott Adam’s)
As a part of the B.Sc. Nursing curriculum, an exhibition on Audio visual aids was arranged by Second year B.Sc. nursing students of Shree Gavisiddheshwara College of Nursing, Koppal under the guidance of the subject Co-ordinator, Mrs. Sumangala B R, Associate professor Dept. of OBG Nursing on 03/12/2022. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Basavaraj Savadi, Principal. Shree Jagadguru Ayurvedic Medical College, Koppal, Prof. Ananda Kudari, Principal, Shree Gavisiddheshwara College of Nursing, Koppal and Dr. Chandrasekhar reddi Karamudi. The exhibition was arranged under the categories teaching aids namely audio aids such as Radio, tape recorder, telephone, megha phone and PA System and Visual projected aids like LCD Projectors, Hologram, film strep, slide projector and visual non-projected aids like Models, different types of charts, posters, leaf lets, specimens, pamphlets, puppets shadow play, Chalk board and bulletin board. Addressing the gathering by Dr. Basavaraj Savadi said to the students that this is a type of learning activity wherein the students have put in their spirit and talents in bringing out a well-organized exhibition on instructional media. Programme was wind up by giving vote of thanks by students. All B.Sc. Nursing students, Paramedical students and some of the Ayurvedic students were witnessed the event.